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PGP-ICQ : Download

PGP-ICQ is an open source software, so anyone can examine its source code and see for yourself that it does not contain security leaks or compromise your privacy. Remember that anyone can modify the program code and redistribute it.

We DO NOT GUARANTEE that a copy of PGP-ICQ downloaded from a website other than www.samopal.com does not contain viruses (including trojans) and security backdoors.

 PGP-ICQ version 0.95 (latest version available)
Download PGP-ICQ 0.95 (exe installer, 1.66 Mb).

Download and run PGPICQ_095_setup.exe, then follow installation steps.

 PGP-ICQ 0.95 Source Code
Download PGP-ICQ 0.95 source code (zip archive, 141Kb).

You will need Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 and PGP SDK in order to compile the PGP-ICQ project. Refer to the readme.txt file for compilation tips. Download PGP SDK from www.pgpi.org.

 PGP-ICQ version 0.9 (obsolete and not supported)
Download PGP-ICQ 0.9 (exe installer, 1,34 Mb).
Download PGP-ICQ 0.9 source code (zip archive, 130Kb).

 PGP-ICQ version 0.5 (obsolete and not supported)
Download PGP-ICQ 0.5 (zip archive, 85Kb).
Download PGP-ICQ 0.5 source code (zip archive, 60Kb).

The application does not need installation. Unzip files to a directory of your choice and run pgpicq.exe. This version requires the PGP software installed on your computer (see below).

 PGP software
The PGP software must be installed on your computer in order to get PGP-ICQ 0.5 to work. Get a free copy of PGP at www.pgpi.org.

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