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PGP-ICQ : What's new

Having problems? Read the FAQ or check out the forum- the answer is probably there. Still having problems? Ask us aquestion - we always appreciate your feedback.

 01/9/2001 : PGP-ICQ version 0.95 released
Download the application and source code.

New features:
  • Added the ability to exchange public keys through ICQ
  • Added passphrase cache timeout (and option to set timeout length)
  • Added User's manual
  • Added option to turn off/on the splash screen
  • The pgpKeys program is able to import/export keys using the Clipboard
  • The pgpKeys program can now generate keys of any length and expiration date
Bugs fixed:
  • Fixed the problem with "Launch on startup" option
  • Fixed the problem with "PGP" button location on ICQ2000b
  • Added support for ICQ Groupware
Refer to the FAQ for the info on known bugs and limitations.

 What's going to be in future versions
  • support for the slipt message mode in ICQ 2000b
  • auto-encryption of outgoing messages
  • digital signing and signature verification
  • ability to encrypt to multiple recipients

 01/2/2001 : PGP-ICQ 0.9 source code released
 09/25/2000 : PGP-ICQ version 0.9 released
New features:
  • supported platforms: Windows 95/98/NT/2000 (yes, this release does work on Windows 95/98!)
  • supported ICQ versions: 99a, 99b and 2000a (not tested with 2000b)
  • does not require to have the PGP software installed
  • features a simple utility to manage PGP keys (similar to PGPKeys)

 07/27/2000 : FAQ section has been updated.
 05/23/2000 : PGP-ICQ version 0.5 released
Download the application and the sourcecode. This version only supports Win NT4 and Win2K and workswith ICQ99a, ICQ99b and ICQ2000a.
 05/10/2000 : the PGP-ICQ project started

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